I believe in adventure. Living life to the fullest each day is something I strive for. I never want to regret missing out on any possible adventure because of being too scared, timid, or uncertain how it would turn out. Take the risk and see what happens.

I believe in authenticity. At my photography sessions, I want to see the real you. Do you love to laugh? Great, I’d love to see some giant smiles. Are you naturally introverted? That’s awesome, because I am too (even if I hide it!) Whatever you are feeling that day, feel free to let it show through.

I believe in creativity. There are so many different sides to my art, just as there are different sides to my self. I’m sure there are plenty of creative sides to you as well, and I would love to be a part of that. Any ideas you have, please feel free to share. I’d love to try out all of them - you’d be making my day. Never feel like your photos have to be the same as others - we want them to reflect YOU.