Bobby first contacted me when he was planning his proposal to his girlfriend, Caitlin. He had planned to do it on the beach in Fernandina Beach, Florida and the whole family was involved in this surprise! Bobby and Caitlin were out on their own, while Caitlin's sisters set up a blanket and flowers on the beach. They got Caitlin to the beach under the ruse that the whole family was meeting there... but just as Bobby & Caitlin were arriving - her sisters were sneaking away!

This left Bobby alone with the love of his life to bring her onto the blanket and ask her to be his wife!

She Said Yes!

After all of that planning and thoughtfulness, how could a girl say anything but, YES! Once the ring was securely on her finger, I was able to congratulate the future bride and groom and snap a few more pictures of the two of them in their glow of happiness and joy.

It turns out that Bobby and Caitlin met through Bobby's church. They are absolutely one of the sweetest couples I've met this year and I was honored to take their proposal photos! From their first date - Bobby knew that Caitlin was the one he wanted to marry. But Caitlin? She said she knew Bobby was the one even before then!

Some things are just meant to be.